lundi 4 avril 2011

OH Toronto's Hidden Treasures...

I scored this wonderful Chanel skirt and short combi at one of Toronto's vintage shops on Ossington Ave. This boutique was a Treasure chests. 

Jacket- Vintage (my grandmothers)
Silk Shirt- Chloe
Skirt/shorts- Chanel Vintage

IndianJones type Hat and this Issy Miyake Skirt were also other great finds. Just adored the tissue... Creates a great silhouette 
Skirt-Issy Miyake
Bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs

**Mixing old with new gives your look another spirit, not just the outside but the inside too...***

jeudi 31 mars 2011

A little Sneak peak ...Toe

A shoe that i have been working on. Not yet finished...

Marie Antoinette (Inspiration)

Gros Bisous

mardi 29 mars 2011

Semiotic Fashionista: A Day at David's ...

Semiotic Fashionista: A Day at David's ...: "Warm and welcoming front desk “So what would you like to have done today?” This has been the question for many hairdressers for generatio..."

A Day at David's ...

Warm and welcoming front desk

So what would you like to have done today?” This has been the question for many hairdressers for generations. From as early as the egyptian pharaohs, wearing braided wigs, to the ‘sex Kitten’ Bridget Bardot up-does, seen on many today. And There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than then going to the hair salon.I find it rather difficult to find that special stylist that I can put my hair’s trust with. Nowadays, I constantly hear woman complaining that their dresser doesn’t understand what they envision, and never seems that they are up-to-date with styles. But, there is one place which has the power to end every woman’s search, this place tickled my fancy. This salon strives for perfection and professionalism. The well known and parisian’s favourite, ‘David Mallett’. Quiet, fashionable and charming parisian salon, located in central Paris.

Theres something magical about this seventeenth century loft like, where the elite walk in hourly from models to famous designers. David’s hot clientele like Eva Green, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Nicole Kidman and this is hard to compare to other salons out there. But it’s not just about his high clientele, but his technique and the way he leads his team in the salon. When i walk into this warm, friendly energy filled salon, I know i’m going to come out relaxed and feeling like new. I sit down ready and waiting for my transformation, by my favourite stylist Akim and colourist Remy. And as i’m waiting the rest of the team will make sure i’m comfortable with the utmost customer service, with a choice of drink and an occasional manicure. First, my hair falls into the hands of well known colourist Remy. I call him the ‘Painting Artist of Hair’. With his brush strokes that hit perfectly, watching him. His techniques reflects a great artist painting a masterpiece. In the end I come out looking fresh, natural, and a little sun-kissed, with my highlights. And I am happy. Next, Akim takes me into a wide open, bright lighted atelier, passing by the 7 feet tall stuffed ostriche, which makes me giggle each time. I sit and I can feel Akim’s creativeness stirring and collecting.
David and I
He cuts like a genius,  he cuts with precision and with a special technique, leaving each lock falling perfectly. I sit comfortably and calm with the sounds of the classical early french piano playing in the background. Akim gracefully moves around my head and picks up each hair with a gentile touch. But, most of the time it isn’t so silent, stories, gossip and laughs are exchanged. My tummy leaves their like I just attended a pilates class. After being blow dried with the no brushes, just using his hands, my hair acting as  his sculpture. Brushed off and situate myself, I make another appointment in advance time. Good bye kisses are exchanged. And on the way back home I cannot help but catch every glance in the reflections of mirrors and windows in the ‘rue’. I smile and say to myself ‘ I feel good.’  I believe every woman should experience what I do, its like going to the greatest spa without the high price and I wouldn’t change them for the World. Thank you David and his amazing team…

A Plus Tard..

lundi 28 mars 2011

Love is a Rose...

HandMade Roses made from Silk

A little sneak peak of a new project for an upcoming photoshoot I am styling in. Turning my old year 2000 wedges to a fresh new look. Nothing like feeling creative on a cold day...

Country Side Home in Canada

samedi 26 mars 2011


Japan has always been close to me and have made a huge impact on my inspirations of today, after living there for a lot of my teenage years. And having much respect for their love of silk and floral textiles. Especially now after the disasters that have devastated Japan and the world these past couple months.
During the Spring/Summer of 2011 collections i was happy to see designers getting in touch with  their asian side. Designers like Kenzo and Dries Van Nouten  achieved the spirit of a fresh take on asian invasion with their floral chiffon prints, kimono silhouettes, and ‘Geta’ wedges that were gracing the runways.

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2011

Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2011

But it has never left the fashion world in the first place, it just keeps coming back greater and better. So this spring help and promote Japan and the rest of Asia, represent your support for those countries in need. Go to your nearest vintage shop and find yourself a feel good, comfortable kimono, pair it with some killah designer wedges…

Help Support Japan…

jeudi 24 mars 2011

A Letter from Semiotic Fashionista...

A letter from Myself to all my viewers,

Yay! I just hit the 500 viewers mark here on BlogSpot. And just wanted to say thank you for those who tune in to each post. I am currently travelling to Toronto, Canada for holidays. Now turning a spin on my previous posts, switching from inspirations of the french culture to the canadian country outback. Stay onboard and don’t miss out…

Gros Biz...

Wearing in this Photo:
Shirt- Mango
Skirt- Prada
Bangles- Max Mara
Shoes- Chloe
Location- Paris, My Room

lundi 21 mars 2011

I Guess You Can Call Me a 'Muse'

Everyone always asks me when I go home,“I know your a model and all, but what do you do exactly? We don’t see you in much magazines nor the runways, so where are you?

I have been in the fashion industry almost a decade now.WOW, just realized that now. I have travelled, seen places and spent my teenager years taking care of myself, with the support of my family. I’ve been to places from Tokyo to Paris, learning life values along the way. After travelling and growing up into a woman, I realized I was yearning to settle, have a place I can call home, other than my suitcases. Most importantly i wanted to be able to have stability with friendships and relationships.So i needed to find a solution for my loneliness. I put my thinking cap on and asked myself, where would I liked to be? Well, no other place better for fashion then beautiful Paris, France. The claimers for the birth of fashion, the trend setters for all. I knew in my heart and guts I enjoyed my career, no question about it. So I packed my bags and took off to Paris.

Me during a Chanel Fiitting 
Now, over the past few years here in paris I had the greatest opportunities working with such great fashion houses, such as Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Hermes, just to name a few. I just knew I had to write a blog about it. But my job isn’t like most models you are immersed with in todays media. My career calls for being more activate with the designer himself in the studio, while the collections are being created. This so called ‘fitting’ comes with having patience, a strong core against criticism, standing for many hours in foot welching heels. But its all worth it at the end of the day, because I love the fact of being apart of something that is so adored by millions, and watching these legions perform their magic.

First, the designer finds inspiration, this could be from historical events to childhood memories. Then, draws sketches, the ateliers produces the drawings to patterns. Fabrics are chosen precisely to reflect the spirit by the designer. Voila, finished. And as this takes months i am there helping by presenting and modelling each look to the designer, so he can critic and correct for protection. I guess you could call me a ‘Muse’.

The Chanel house, was an amazing house to be apart of. I have the greatest respect for Karl Legerfeld and his entourage. Everything about the collections down to the buttons are worked on with thought and detail. Karl manages to reinvent and update Chanel still. As I worked with Karl for the Haute Couture collection last summer, I noticed not just that he was a genius, but also a courteous and kind man. That and being relaxed, with a creative nature, I fell for Chanel even more.      
Me in Chanel
Fall Haute Couture
Me In the Sonia Rykiel Spring/Summer 2010 
From time to time I also work closely with another great fashion house, Sonia Rykiel, in the famous area Saint Germain Des Pres.  I spent many many Long nights at the house, getting ready, last minute touches, completing fittings, right before the show goes public the next day. Family owned company rocking it still, strips, glitz and colour, this feels like a home to me. And In the studio everyone seems to have a special personality and their own style. From cute bows  in their hair to disco platforms. This is not just a great family oriented studio, but collections that are filled with much thought, and the ability to make women feel sexy, and casually relaxed at the same time.

Sonia Rykiel and Myself

The Rykiel Studio

After the experiences with these special houses, i have so much more respect to garments. Now when I enter each boutique, in searching for that colour that i melt too, or that touch of fabric that sends my senses to the moon. I thank you guys for doing this every season.

jeudi 17 mars 2011

Current Fashion with Comparison to the Middle Ages

Everyone knows that the 2011 fall/winter collections just past recently here in Paris and I noticed there was a curtain shoe trend that designers were adding to their collections.  Reintroducing the pointy-toed shoe heel. Feels as if it wasn’t so long ago, I put them away to swear i’d never wear them again. Until Prada recalled them back from the past, for her electric flying spring 2010 collection.

Prada Spring/Summer 2010

Then for this fall Sonia Rykiel and Chanel both enlightened their collections with the pointy toed heel shoe, as they were not too vulgar but giving their feminine and masculine sillhouettes a touch of HISTORY.

Sonia Rykiel Fall/Winter 2011
Chanel Fall/Winter 2011
People and especially myself wonder when was fashion really born? We all ask when was the first time human beings realized that practicing fashion founded fulfilment. But, there was no certain time when it all began, and no exact year when it just appeared. Scholars believe it evolved slowly starting before the middle ages. The people had realized it was a great way to reshape the body, but also distinguish themselves for personal means.  Then I had deepened my research and studied paintings based on the middle ages  from the 10th to 13th century the other night. Paying attention to their garments, and I found that the men in the paintings were the ones who cared far more about their attire than the woman. This is funny, as it seems nowadays the tables have turned. Than I came across a painting from Poland,

 A man wearing a similar shoe contour than to what our designers were creating for the catwalk a few weeks ago, the pointy-toed heels, which is relative to what i discussed earlier.  This certain type of shoe was mostly worn by men in the middle ages and gave the name Poulaines.

Poulaine 13th Century
 A long pointy-toed shoe mostly made from leather. But, what I found interesting was that men would wear these shoes to help them symbolize their power of procreation. They also believed that expressing the length of the shoe, would resemble the size of their genitals. Funny to have our fashion society except the shoe for woman today. Maybe thats why i believed them to be vulgar, with there harsh point, and their witchy, mythical essences. I don't know if I will let them join my collection of 'chaussures'. Will you give in to the trend and conform to the next seasons temptations?
What are you thoughts? Comment below ...

A très vite!!

dimanche 13 mars 2011

Sports and leisure meets Elegance

In the earlier years woman were subjected to restricted mobility, with the fashions of corsets, bodices,and the traditional bounded feet. But these particular pieces all played an important role in there lives, as they were tools used for social status purposes. This could help tell apart what was royalty, and what was a peasant. As for the woman they had very little involvement with society before the 20th century hit. Woman hid behind men and husbands with having no more involvement, than what they were asked. But, the most intriguing aspect was their ways of expressing themselves with their wardrobes.  Then, thank god freedom of speech and the right to vote was introduced to woman, creating us equally to men. 

In the 1930s-1940s during the time of the war America was experiencing a different fashion culture change among woman. We were filled to do tasks men usually performed, from the kitchens to the dirty sweat shop factories. In result of this their traditional gowns were replaced with more practical ware such as 'the trouser' which gave them less restriction, making work easier and more comfortable. 
Katherine Hepburn
At the same time in Hollywood Iconic stars like Katharine Hepburn were also wearing the trouser; this enabled her to express her own masculine personalty. In the present time i have realized that woman are now even more involved with the world being CEOs of companies, working in political houses. The masculine trouser for woman are a strong symbol of how far we came along. 

So in conclusion to those who are reading, i suggest this spring put away those skin tight, cant hardly breathe jeans and feel casually elegant with a pair of masculine pleaded trouser. You are what you wear, and with stepping up the notch of masculinity you’ll feel even more  powerful and elegant than ever.Fashion is a form of expression, so lets express our gratitude ….. ladies