lundi 21 mars 2011

I Guess You Can Call Me a 'Muse'

Everyone always asks me when I go home,“I know your a model and all, but what do you do exactly? We don’t see you in much magazines nor the runways, so where are you?

I have been in the fashion industry almost a decade now.WOW, just realized that now. I have travelled, seen places and spent my teenager years taking care of myself, with the support of my family. I’ve been to places from Tokyo to Paris, learning life values along the way. After travelling and growing up into a woman, I realized I was yearning to settle, have a place I can call home, other than my suitcases. Most importantly i wanted to be able to have stability with friendships and relationships.So i needed to find a solution for my loneliness. I put my thinking cap on and asked myself, where would I liked to be? Well, no other place better for fashion then beautiful Paris, France. The claimers for the birth of fashion, the trend setters for all. I knew in my heart and guts I enjoyed my career, no question about it. So I packed my bags and took off to Paris.

Me during a Chanel Fiitting 
Now, over the past few years here in paris I had the greatest opportunities working with such great fashion houses, such as Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Hermes, just to name a few. I just knew I had to write a blog about it. But my job isn’t like most models you are immersed with in todays media. My career calls for being more activate with the designer himself in the studio, while the collections are being created. This so called ‘fitting’ comes with having patience, a strong core against criticism, standing for many hours in foot welching heels. But its all worth it at the end of the day, because I love the fact of being apart of something that is so adored by millions, and watching these legions perform their magic.

First, the designer finds inspiration, this could be from historical events to childhood memories. Then, draws sketches, the ateliers produces the drawings to patterns. Fabrics are chosen precisely to reflect the spirit by the designer. Voila, finished. And as this takes months i am there helping by presenting and modelling each look to the designer, so he can critic and correct for protection. I guess you could call me a ‘Muse’.

The Chanel house, was an amazing house to be apart of. I have the greatest respect for Karl Legerfeld and his entourage. Everything about the collections down to the buttons are worked on with thought and detail. Karl manages to reinvent and update Chanel still. As I worked with Karl for the Haute Couture collection last summer, I noticed not just that he was a genius, but also a courteous and kind man. That and being relaxed, with a creative nature, I fell for Chanel even more.      
Me in Chanel
Fall Haute Couture
Me In the Sonia Rykiel Spring/Summer 2010 
From time to time I also work closely with another great fashion house, Sonia Rykiel, in the famous area Saint Germain Des Pres.  I spent many many Long nights at the house, getting ready, last minute touches, completing fittings, right before the show goes public the next day. Family owned company rocking it still, strips, glitz and colour, this feels like a home to me. And In the studio everyone seems to have a special personality and their own style. From cute bows  in their hair to disco platforms. This is not just a great family oriented studio, but collections that are filled with much thought, and the ability to make women feel sexy, and casually relaxed at the same time.

Sonia Rykiel and Myself

The Rykiel Studio

After the experiences with these special houses, i have so much more respect to garments. Now when I enter each boutique, in searching for that colour that i melt too, or that touch of fabric that sends my senses to the moon. I thank you guys for doing this every season.

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  1. All of your photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing your story. So nice to see the other side or at least get a taste.

  2. Aww thank you, its nice to hear some feedback :)