dimanche 13 mars 2011

Sports and leisure meets Elegance

In the earlier years woman were subjected to restricted mobility, with the fashions of corsets, bodices,and the traditional bounded feet. But these particular pieces all played an important role in there lives, as they were tools used for social status purposes. This could help tell apart what was royalty, and what was a peasant. As for the woman they had very little involvement with society before the 20th century hit. Woman hid behind men and husbands with having no more involvement, than what they were asked. But, the most intriguing aspect was their ways of expressing themselves with their wardrobes.  Then, thank god freedom of speech and the right to vote was introduced to woman, creating us equally to men. 

In the 1930s-1940s during the time of the war America was experiencing a different fashion culture change among woman. We were filled to do tasks men usually performed, from the kitchens to the dirty sweat shop factories. In result of this their traditional gowns were replaced with more practical ware such as 'the trouser' which gave them less restriction, making work easier and more comfortable. 
Katherine Hepburn
At the same time in Hollywood Iconic stars like Katharine Hepburn were also wearing the trouser; this enabled her to express her own masculine personalty. In the present time i have realized that woman are now even more involved with the world being CEOs of companies, working in political houses. The masculine trouser for woman are a strong symbol of how far we came along. 

So in conclusion to those who are reading, i suggest this spring put away those skin tight, cant hardly breathe jeans and feel casually elegant with a pair of masculine pleaded trouser. You are what you wear, and with stepping up the notch of masculinity you’ll feel even more  powerful and elegant than ever.Fashion is a form of expression, so lets express our gratitude ….. ladies 

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