mardi 29 mars 2011

A Day at David's ...

Warm and welcoming front desk

So what would you like to have done today?” This has been the question for many hairdressers for generations. From as early as the egyptian pharaohs, wearing braided wigs, to the ‘sex Kitten’ Bridget Bardot up-does, seen on many today. And There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than then going to the hair salon.I find it rather difficult to find that special stylist that I can put my hair’s trust with. Nowadays, I constantly hear woman complaining that their dresser doesn’t understand what they envision, and never seems that they are up-to-date with styles. But, there is one place which has the power to end every woman’s search, this place tickled my fancy. This salon strives for perfection and professionalism. The well known and parisian’s favourite, ‘David Mallett’. Quiet, fashionable and charming parisian salon, located in central Paris.

Theres something magical about this seventeenth century loft like, where the elite walk in hourly from models to famous designers. David’s hot clientele like Eva Green, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Nicole Kidman and this is hard to compare to other salons out there. But it’s not just about his high clientele, but his technique and the way he leads his team in the salon. When i walk into this warm, friendly energy filled salon, I know i’m going to come out relaxed and feeling like new. I sit down ready and waiting for my transformation, by my favourite stylist Akim and colourist Remy. And as i’m waiting the rest of the team will make sure i’m comfortable with the utmost customer service, with a choice of drink and an occasional manicure. First, my hair falls into the hands of well known colourist Remy. I call him the ‘Painting Artist of Hair’. With his brush strokes that hit perfectly, watching him. His techniques reflects a great artist painting a masterpiece. In the end I come out looking fresh, natural, and a little sun-kissed, with my highlights. And I am happy. Next, Akim takes me into a wide open, bright lighted atelier, passing by the 7 feet tall stuffed ostriche, which makes me giggle each time. I sit and I can feel Akim’s creativeness stirring and collecting.
David and I
He cuts like a genius,  he cuts with precision and with a special technique, leaving each lock falling perfectly. I sit comfortably and calm with the sounds of the classical early french piano playing in the background. Akim gracefully moves around my head and picks up each hair with a gentile touch. But, most of the time it isn’t so silent, stories, gossip and laughs are exchanged. My tummy leaves their like I just attended a pilates class. After being blow dried with the no brushes, just using his hands, my hair acting as  his sculpture. Brushed off and situate myself, I make another appointment in advance time. Good bye kisses are exchanged. And on the way back home I cannot help but catch every glance in the reflections of mirrors and windows in the ‘rue’. I smile and say to myself ‘ I feel good.’  I believe every woman should experience what I do, its like going to the greatest spa without the high price and I wouldn’t change them for the World. Thank you David and his amazing team…

A Plus Tard..

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  1. Amazing hair! I heard so much about this "salon" but I never had the chance to go there.I need to do something with mine, mostly the color. I think I'm gonna try to get an appointment :)
    Bisous ma belle.